Thursday, September 9, 2010

Idiots' Diary #6

This week my goal is to compile a master contact list of friends, associates and acquaintances. Since the film “Idiots & Angels” is opening on the 6th of October at the famous IFC Center in NY and on October 29th at the Laemmle Sunset in LA, I need a groundswell and a firestorm of publicity. I want to get packed audiences; I have to have big long lines of people eager to see my new animated feature stretching around the blocks. I've sworn to do anything possible to pack the houses, as long as it's legal.

So I've gone back through my files and schedule books looking for people who'd want to come see the film. It's fortunate that for a long time I've been asking people I meet for cards or their phone numbers; I have quite a stack of addresses. The major problem being a lot of the people have moved or married or even died. The list is that old. That's where my trusted intern Endrich comes in – her first task is to go through my large stack of cards (bits of paper or even alcohol soaked bar napkins) and try to compile a mailing list.

Nothing pisses me off more that meeting friends after my film has finished its run and hearing them ask, “So when can I see your film?” I angrily say, “It's gone” and they naturally reply, “No one told me about it!” That's what I'm trying to avoid with the October publicity blitz. I don't have millions of bucks so I'm relying on the magic of the internet to help spread the word.

So again I plead: if you want to be on the Plymptoons mailing list or have friends who want to be on it please contact me at Keep watching this site for more updates on the “Idiots' Diary.” Thanks for your support.

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