Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Idiots' Diary #5

So now the craziness begins. I've got 2 hard dates for “Idiots & Angels”: Oct. 6th at the IFC Center on 6th Ave in NYC and Oct. 29th at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in LA. So like Patton I'm devising a 2-prong attack. First, I'll invade NYC using low-cost but more personal forms of advertising: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Skype. We can save a few bucks and then I'll turn my forces onto LA.

I called a meeting of my army to coordinate our strategy: Lindsey, Desiree, Endrich (our marketing intern), and Phyllis Bishop (our PR guru who helped with the Tribeca Film Festival press back in 2008). Another very important key to our mission is Alexia Anastasio; she's making a documentary about me (“Adventures in Plymptoons”) and is very proactive and knowledgeable about street PR. She couldn't be at the meeting but is an integral part of our PR campaign.

We all came up with ideas and methods to spread the word about “Idiots”. We also talked about articles in local publications and I showed them a 16-point list of article ideas that would be interesting to the average reader. If you, kind reader, know of any blogs or magazines that are looking for interviews please them contact me at plymptoons@aol.com.

Probably the most salient point being that I'm kind of a one man band vs. these big corporate mega studios. Here I am, a tiny 4-person studio trying to eek out an existence vs. 500-person studios with $200 million budgets.

And so the countdown to “I Day” (“Idiots & Angels” Day) begins.


  1. Are you coming to the Los Angeles premiere? Come talk to us at CalArts!

  2. bill-what medium do you usually work in? i love your sense of mark-making.