Monday, September 6, 2010

OMG Johnny Rodriguez..

In my never ending quest to bring art to animators and filmmakers (cough- what geeks- cough) today I'm featuring artist Johnny Rodriquez, otherwise known as KMNDZ. He paints a lot of robots, which makes all the hipster animation geeks happy, but his content and technique are worth a glance beyond the simple Juxtapoz mag spread.It's no shock that he had/has a huge commercial career, his stuff is very appealing to agencies looking for an interesting look... but his personal stuff is what really resonates for me. There's a lot of "crossing over" type content, and there seems to be a loud voice of personality trying to break free, coupled with a sorrowful mystery and innocence.. even discovery(above).. which is always relative to all of our lives. Enjoy, and turn off your TV.... wussies. oh.. happy labor day ya barney's.


  1. His 4th piece here is impressive. Maybe we're all wussies, including Pat. Scribble Wussies should be the blog's name.

  2. ahhh! finally a come back! nice luis. i was beginning to believe my words;)

  3. and yeah.. the fourth one rocks.. i love the contrast between the robot and the bird. very simple.