Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shintaro Ohata's Painted sculptures..

Heading to Japan in a couple weeks.. thought I'd share this amazing artist's stuff..

Shintaro Ohata is known for his technique of putting his painted sculptures in front of regular canvas paintings, showing them as one work.


  1. Japan huh? I don`t know what your plans are but if you`ve got any free time and your in the Tokyo area shoot me an e-mail.(or facebook message) It`s been, damn, how many years now? over 4 probably.

  2. bro.. been too long. i'll be in osaka, quick visit though, won't be going thru tokyo.. i'll be visiting again in april, let's connect then.. you been living there a while now huh

  3. 3 and a half years. I lived out in Kansai (in the prefecture right under Osaka) for the first 2 years, but now I`m in Tokyo.
    When you come back in april let me know. It`d be cool if we could meet up.

  4. u must speak japanese! i'm struggling.

  5. How well I speak Japanese depends on the day and the conversation. :P .... if it`s about animation, or something I`m interested in then I can probably hold a 30 minute conversation no problem.
    ............. If someone talks about a topic I`m not familiar with, or talks with an accent though, I`ll be lost in 5 seconds and never regain my place in the conversation. It`s tough. Definitely let me know when your headed back in April!