Thursday, January 17, 2013


Great news! I've reached my Kickstarter goal! Two weeks early! So we've decided to go for 100,000. The added money would help pay for prints and advertising, assuming “Cheatin'” doesn't get picked up for distribution. Which considering my history is a definite possibility. So please tell your friends all about my Kickstarter campaign for “Cheatin'.”

We need your help, plus there are some very cool goodies as prizes. Since I'm talking kickstarter my good friend and “Queen of Indie Animation” Signe Baumane is just now starting her Kickstarter push for her animation feature. “Rocks in my Pockets.” It's a very powerful and funny film about depression. I've seen a rough cut and was very impressed.

So please give the little lady a hand. The cool thing about Kickstarter is not only the money one receives but also the visibility it brings to a project. 

I was so amazed how many people found out about “Cheatin'” through Kickstarter and how many new fans I've accumulated. So I want to thank all the folks at Kickstarter for their great support of my feature “Cheatin'!”

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