Friday, January 18, 2013

Drunker Than a Skunk

Even though I am hurriedly finalizing my drawings for the soon to be finished "Cheatin'" I also wanted to do a short to qualify for Annecy's animation festival.

Having done a documentary on the legendary Oregon poet, Walt Curtis (Walt Curtis, Peckerneck Poet" 1998) I loved the poem he wrote called "The Time The Drunk Came To Town And Got Drunker Than A Skunk Or So He Thought." I believed it would be great for an animated short. I needed to shorten the title for simplicity's sake. So now the short film is called "Drunker Than A Skunk"

Over the next few months I'll be displaying some of the cool ballpoint pen art.
It's a lot more weird and stylized than my usual style.
As a kid I loved drawing cowboys so this film is basically me having fun drawing the sordid lives of western folk.

I'd love to hear your comments on the art!




  1. as beautiful as Cheatin' is looking, its nice to see you getting gritty with wild ink work in the interim. Dirty and raw like a drunk cowboy should be.

  2. Bill! im going to the Annecy this year, and youve now inspired me to create a very quick short for the festival. how long do we have before the submission deadline?

  3. You loved drawing cowboys as a kid?

    Did the Lone Ranger got you interested?

  4. I love this one Bill. I prefer it to your Cheatin' characters to be honest. I'd love to see this moving.

  5. I'm not sure whether to say I'd expect this sort of thing from you or not. Either way, that drawing looks so cool in how zany and somehow gritty it is at the same time.

  6. hahaha ! super drĂ´le !