Friday, January 18, 2013

2 Animated Features

Just a quick review of two films that have been in release for a while – but I've just gotten around to seeing them.

"Hotel Transylvania" has had a rocky history, but apparently Genndy Tartovsky came in and fixed its problems, and helped create a successful film. 

I had some problems with the film – two many characters and bad character design.

But I like the original idea that monsters are afraid of humans – and I believe that they should have concentrated on that central idea, and not wasted my time with throwaway gags with so many scary creatures. 

I give "Hotel Transylvania" a C+.

The other film I was finally able to see was "Wreck-It Ralph". I believe this film is very strong, with terrific characters and design. 

It also has a great story – it really gets fun when we go to Kiddie Land. The colors and production design are wonderful. 

However, I thought they missed a big opportunity for humor without the macho babe going gonzo in Sugarland. That would have pushed the humor over the top.  Imagine what havoc the military babe could have raised, going up against the sweet little girls of Sugarland.

It's still a wonderful, entertaining film. I give "Wreck-It Ralph" a B+.

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