Friday, January 11, 2013


The Oscar nominations were just announced and some were justified, others were not. Here are my thoughts...

I feel very badly that “Django Unchained” did so poorly. Perhaps it was Spike Lee's negative comments about the film. “Django Unchained” is the boldest, most imaginative and the most entertaining film of the year- for Quentin not to get a best director's nod is a travesty.

In the animated feature category I agree with most choices, but I feel that “The Rise of The Guardian” should have gotten a nom and “Brave” was a disappointing Pixar film. Why did it get a nom?

In the Animated shorts category I was surprised! “Head Over Heels” got the nom over a much superior “Tram” short. Perhaps “Tram” failed because the older academy voters were offended by the sexual content of Michaela Pavlatova comedy. 

A very big congrats to my buddy PES for getting a long deserved nom for “Fresh Guacamole”. It's a hilarious film and the only one to get applause in the Academy screening I went to.

If you haven't seen the short yet it's you can click here

Good luck PES!


  1. To be honest, I didnt like PES film. I would love to be Combustible between the nominees. Otomo didnt get a recognition between the academics and they had the chance to fix that. The film is also better than PES's Fresh Guacamole, in my opinión, of course.

  2. PES is a terrific filmmaker, but "Guacamole" is not one of his stronger films. The theme is very similar to "Western Spaghetti," and Spaghetti is a much better film. That said, I'd love to see him win.

  3. the baseball choppin' is so satisfying!