Saturday, February 12, 2011

Deleted scene from "Black Cauldron"

Another gem from Pencil Test Depot.. I'm always fascinated with this movie.. i suppose because of the mark in time it represents, but people often forget to mention how good some of the animation was, you just have to ignore the hyper-disney fluff. Dig wussies.


  1. define poorly written dialogue:

    "oh taran.. it's so dark and cold in here"

    "I saw piggy's tracks!".. "You Did?"

    hahahaha.. movie didn't have a chance.

  2. jajaja, it's cool to see how these animators work the different layers before they blend it all up. still doesn't beat the Milt Kahl pencil test you posted a couple of months ago.
    hey patrick i have a suggestion. it's very interesting to see all these high budget productions being made, but i would like to see more independent animator pencil tests and stuff like that, like the fran krauss nosy bear concept you posted. i got pretty pumped up watching that video.
    cool blog dudes, keep it up.

  3. Awful film, and horrid animation with really bad acting--particularly the Taran character. Rank amateurs, but the lack of strong storytelling doesn't help.