Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

Since I was not nominated this year with the "Cow" film, I chose to go to the prestigious New York Academy Oscar celebration.

It was held at the fancy –smancy Carlyle Hotel – the food was great – lots of Academy members – a number of friends and celebs, such as author and Oscar winner John Canemaker, Joe Kennedy, and Tina Louise of "Gilligan's Island", and Marge Champion, the original model for Snow White. At my table was the great Peter Davis, he did the epic "Hearts and Minds", the radical Vietnam documentary that reinforced by commitment against war. He's a true gentleman.

But on with the ceremony: I guess I agree with "Toy Story 3" and "The Lost Thing" winning the animation categories – I wish "The Social Network" had won best film and actor, although "King's Speech" is a great film – so I guess I'm getting picky. My fave though was "The Black Swan", what a courageous unique movie – and so visual – very surreal.

As for the criticism of James Franco and Anne Hathaway, I thought they were terrific, funny, and charming. Everyone thought James wasn't into the event—I, on the other hand, thought he was playing the straight man to Anne. He was George Burns to Anne's Gracie Allen, Bud Abbott to Lou Costello – I was completely entertained by this year's Oscars.

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