Friday, February 11, 2011

Jacob Burns

I just returned from my screening of "Idiots and Angels" at the Jacob Burns Cinema. It was a great event, a full crowd and lots of fans. I've been there before, I believe four years ago to show "Hair High", so they've been very supportive of my career—in fact, they're well known in the north east for being champions of animation. In the cinema nect to mine, "The Illusionist" was screening, to good crowds.

They were so happy with the success of "Idiots and Angels" that they've asked me to return with the documentary about me, "Adventures in Plymptoons", by Alexia Anastasio. And at the same time, to do a book signing of my new Rizzoli book, "Independently Animated, Bill Plympton".

So please reserve space on your calendar for this special event. In fact, this spring I'll be making a lot of appearances showing "I&A" around the country, plus doing book signings and hopefully "Adventures in Plymptoons" appearances – so it will be a busy spring and summer.

I hope to meet every one of you in my travels around the US, promoting my STUFF!

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