Saturday, January 15, 2011


I was asked by a cool French art gallery (Galerie Chappe) to create a drawing from the new Disney film "Tron: Legacy". They want to organize a "Tron" exhibition in February to coordinate with the French launch of the film.

So last night, in order to get inspiration, I went to the local multiplex to see the 2010 remake of the 1982 original, also starring Jeff Bridges.

The graphics and FX were certainly cool, but the story was difficult for me to engage in. First, I never really played electronic games. Maybe pong once or twice. Secondly, the concept seemed beyond far-fetched. I knew it was sci-fi, but if there must be some small connection to reality and in "Tron: Legacy", I couldn't find it.

It was cool to see Jeff Bridges as a young guy (I don't know how they did that!) and Michael Sheen channeling David Bowie and Richard Simmons is a hoot!

I score "Tron: Legacy" a C-

Here are some of the sketches of my finished art.


  1. Tron Legacy is not a remake.
    It helps to watch the first Tron before seeing this years release, there are 6 or more well placed nods to the first film.
    The film is about being in a computer system, not in a game. Jeff Bridge's character was a game programmer. The interaction is depicted in a game-like environment. (which I hope you saw in 3D IMAX)

    The first Tron has big animation history milestones, get the 20th anniversary DVD and watch extras. The Syd Mead concept art is worth it.

  2. This is significantly hilarious on many levels - for one you were asked to draw something Tron-ish and two, you gave the movie a C-. My favorite entry so far...

  3. Haven't seen the new Tron, and the old one is a bit of a snooze -but the DVD extras are great!

    Jeff Bridges has a really cool website worth checking out:

  4. I watched the original TRON a week or two ago (I had never seen it before). It was okay. I don't know if I want to see the sequel, but I may check it out on DVD.

    Your drawings are first-rate!

  5. lmao it took me a while to read the drawings properly but i love em