Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edward Hopper

I've been a big fan of Edward Hopper for a long time, so when the Whitney Museum had a show of his work, I rushed up there to see his work in person.

But as I bought the ticket, I noticed the title of the show, "Modern Life: Edward Hopper and His Time". I overheard a number of people who bought tickets grumble that Mr. Hopper's paintings were diluted by "other artists". But I loved the fact that we got to see artwork by his contemporaries, his teachers and, his friends.

Among some of Edward Hopper's beautiful paintings were photographs by Paul Strand and Alfred Stieglitz and paintings by John Sloan and Guy Pène du Bois (I love his stuff), and Thomas Hart Benton.

Edward Hopper's been a big influence on my work, but also when you see my feature film (Currently titled Cheatin'), you'll see how much an influence Thomas Hart Benton has been. The way he bends straight lines, horizon lines and especially human bodies is amazing.

If you get a chance, check out the work of Guy Pène du Bois and Thomas Hart Benton. You'll love their stuff and see how much I steal from other artists.


  1. I can relate to your excitement over the Whitney exhibit. Like you, I had heard others complain about the way Hopper was "sharing the spotlight" with his contemporaries. I don't think that the other works diluted Hopper's...in fact, I think they helped to create context. It was definitely interesting to see other artists who Hopper was around, who may have influenced him and his work in one way or another.
    When it comes to borrowing or stealing from other artists, you know what they say about imitation and flattery...I can definitely see the similarities in your styles.

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