Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 5 Shorts - Final Call!

Hey Junkie Fans –

This is your last announcement. You have exactly one week to get in your list of top 5 indie animated shorts. We've got a really good response, but I want to make sure everyone has a chance.

So, next week I'll make the announcement (and please, no Plympton entries).


Bill P.


  1. dirty birdy, dilworth
    rejected, hertzfelt
    bar fight, christy karakus
    puppet, pat smith
    milton, mike judge

  2. YOUR FACE bill plympton
    PUPPET pat smith
    SON OF SATAN jj villard
    9 shane acker
    BILLY'S BALLOON don hertzfeldt

  3. hey bill! here you go, i would love to have put one of yours and patrick's on here (probably your face and puppet)

    "Roof Sex" by PES
    "Rejected" by Don Hertzfeldt
    "Bar Fight" by Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick
    "Mousocist" by John Dilworth

  4. "Western Spaghetti" by PEZ
    "Dreams and Desires: Family Ties" by Joanna Quinn
    "Creature Comforts" by Nick Park
    "Brothers in Arms" by Elliot Cowan
    "Girls' Night Out" by Joanna Quinn

  5. "Girls' Night Out" by Joanna Quinn
    "tom sweep" by Michael dudok de wit
    "the monk and the fish" by Michael dudok de wit
    "the man who planted trees" by Frederic back
    "Highly Overated!" by Billy Allison (sorry .. an animator has to try doesn't he? :D