Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chris Stain..

New York Artist Chris Stain. In his own words:
"In the summer of 1984 the art of graffiti writing spread throughout my neighborhood like an epidemic. It captured the imagination of many pre-adolescent youth looking for ways to express themselves outside the norms of school and mundane playground sports. I was one of those kids who became infected by graffiti’s bold colors,striking form, and independent nature. As time went by I investigated other avenues of art as well, such as print making and graphic design. In high school I learned screen printing which would later help me in the separation of line and color that aids in the process of cutting stencils. My work is a direct reflection of the people, neighborhoods, and struggles, that are swept along with the every day lives of the common american. It is my hope that through the work I will be able to convey the importance of the role of the less recognized individual of society". -Chris Stain

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