Thursday, January 27, 2011

Epic Sketchbook: Noelle Melody..

I was lucky enough to have Noelle Melody as the production supervisor on my two last shorts, she's gone on to animate and produce several works of her own, including a bangin' music video that she did with her twin sister Joy. Her sketchbook was just posted on her blog, which she's submitting to the very cool sketchbook project.
My favorite aspect of Noelle's book is how it expresses her personality perfectly! That's the thing about sketchbooks, they capture the essence of the artist, whether the artisit likes it or not. In Noelle's case, there's an interesting mix of images that express subtle darkness and then friendly innocence.. it's a wonderful contrast that I've noticed is almost every great illustrator or animator. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. her sketchbook is delightful! i love all the hidden treasures in the handmade pockets she created all throughout the book.

    noey has such an innocent little black heart.