Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Revengeance" finished!

Yes, after 2 1/2 or maybe three years, we've finally completed the final cut of "Revengeance".  It's been a crazy August, working with Wendy (producer), Weston Fonger (sound design), Sam Morrill (editor) and of course, Jim Lujan (writer/voices/music) to coordinate all of these talents and make everyone satisfied with the finished product - but I believe we really pulled it off.

The next step is to get the film out to as many festivals as possible.  Also, to show it to the big distributors and hopefully sign a big, fat contract. 

But you know what?  This is my eighth animated feature, and I always have high hopes of signing that fat contract - and except for a very few cases, I'm always disappointed.  However, the few people who have seen "Revengeance" really love the style and the story, so I'm keeping optimistic. 

Already, we've had an invitation from a theatrical chain to play on the cinema circuit, but we're holding out for a distribution deal.  I'll keep you informed of the progress of "Revengeance" in terms of distribution. 

We can announce, however, that it's been scheduled to have its world premiere at the prestigious Festival L'Etrange in Paris on September 15 and 17.  So if you want to see the film before anyone else, check it out in Paris - what a perfect place to see the film!  I'll be there, so come and say "Hello!" (or, I guess, "Bonjour!").

You can get more information about the festival here:

--Bill Plympton

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