Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chelsea Madness

As you've probably all heard, there were some terrorist bombings in my NYC neighborhood of Chelsea last week.

Fortunately, I was in France when they hit and only discovered it through CNN.  However, I arrived that evening in New York and witnessed the massive police and news van coverage.

Not only was the exploding bomb 2 blocks from my apartment (my wife slept through the attack) but it was on the block where I used to have my animation studio, on 23rd St.  Years ago, we had the studio on the 2nd floor, right above Tekserve (which closed down last month).

They also found the unexploded bomb, the pressure cooker with the cell phone, right down the block from where my studio is now, on 27th St. Luckily, this bomb never exploded - apparently the terrorist had very bad bomb-making skills.

But that got me thinking - maybe I'm paranoid, but what if he was out to blow up my studio?  Maybe he saw my new feature "Hitler's Folly" and thought it was in bad taste.  Or maybe he thought that the cult leader in "Revengeance" looks a little too Islamic.  Or perhaps he was angry that I make cartoons that feature sex and nudity.

Or maybe he just hates animation in general and wants to shut down my studio -

Who knows, but that's the life of an animator.  One can't always be afraid of people's reactions.  I just want to make people laugh, is that so bad?

--Bill Plympton

                                      Praise Zorna, no fatalities in the Chelsea bombing!

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