Friday, May 29, 2015

"Revengeance" Kickstarter stretch goal success!

A big "Thank You" to everyone who helped support our Kickstarter campaign for "Revengeance".  We started with a goal of $80,000 and we surpassed it, with over $90,000 in donations.

Of course, a lot of the credit goes to the awesome Adam Rackoff, who worked his butt off to spread the word and make it a success. 

Thanks to all you supporters, we can now continue the production of "Revengeance", which is written, designed and voiced by the great Jim Lujan and animated by yours truly. 

We're hoping to finish this film by the winter of 2016, and then we'll send it out to film festivals all over.  So hopefully you'll be able to see it in your local multiplex or art cinema shortly after that.  Even better, if you're a Kickstarter contributor, you'll get to see your name in the credits. 

I love Kickstarter!  It's such an important part of me being able to remain independent and make films the way I want to make them. 

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, and thanks again to everyone who kicked in some money. 

--Bill Plympton

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  1. Congratulations, guys!! Like your work.The video you did for Weird Al is one of my favorites and I'm so excited for this production.

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