Monday, August 15, 2011


 Above: Patrick Smith and  Bill Plympton under the Marquee at Nitehawk Cinema!

The first annual (and the first ever world-wide) Scribble Junkies Festival of Drawn Animation sold out and went off without a glitch last night. The films looked great and everyone seemed to appreciate the fine art of drawn animation. The two winners of the competition were Colleen Cox, best animation, for her film "Wrong Number Singapore" and honorable mention went to Fran Krause for his film "Nosy Bear."  It was a great party that went pretty late into the night. Big thanks to my partner in crime mr. P, and John Woods from the Nitehawk Cinema, without him it wouldn't have happened (or we would have been stuck at Anthology.. or worse.. Two Boots!)
Above: Festival Winners Colleen and Fran, with Pat and Bill.

In the anim celeb mix last night were animators David Levy, Signe Baumane, Celia Bullwinkle, Willy Hartland, Joy Vaccese (Noelle not present.. whatever noelle).  The show started with David Chai's "Enrique Wrecks the world".. a light opener to some heavier films like Ryan Woodward's "Thought of You" and my own "Masks".  Bill treated us in the spirit of hand drawn animation with pencil tests from his upcoming feature film "Cheatin". Another audience favorite was Don Hertzfelt's "Wisdom Teeth."

 Above: Brett Thompson, Patrick Smith, and Joy Vaccese.

 Above: Victoria Stutterheim, David Levy, and Patrick Smith.

 Above: Alisa Stern, JoshWeisbrod, Emmett Goodman, Spencer Morin, and Jamie Ekkens.

 Above: Who the hell let this guy in??
Above: Joy, Bill, and Colleen Cox chillax after the screening.

The screening sold out, and we had to turn a lot of people away.. luckily they were able to hang out in the lobby, drink brooklyn ale, and watch pat smith and bill plympton cartoons:)  Sorry to all those who couldn't get in, next year we will have multiple screenings promise!  I had a long conversation with Bill about the next year, and we decided to have open submissions focusing on premiere or "under screened" works.. and of course, the more organically drawn, the better:)  So stay tuned and we'll see you next year!


  1. It was a fantastic show guys! Thanks for putting it on. I really enjoyed seeing some of these films on a big screen for the first time - such a nice change from streaming online huh? Masks was really impressive - I had seen some still frames here and there, but incredible to see the whole film. Great stuff all around, and awesome venue. Looking forward to next year!

  2. A great inaugural fest. Thanks for all your efforts in putting this together. A great selection last night. Everyone knows (or should) that hand-dawn animation is the best.

  3. Agreed.. Drawn animation needs the spotlight now that it's not the norm. it's all about drawing.. you either get that or you don't. great to see you last night bro!

  4. Are you going to have a DVD out of the festival? So, I could buy it from Bill when I see him in some festival in Europe

  5. Hey Pat!

    Have you heard about a New York City Animator named Dustin Grella? His student film won an Asifa Award this year. He would be a great addition for a future screening.