Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Action on Film Festival

My buddy Ken Mora suggested that I get the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Action on Film Festival. My priorities are really with creating my animated films – I don't have time to travel around getting citations.

But Ken impressed me on the timing – it was right after San Diego Comic Con, so I was in Southern California anyway and I could also do some book signings in the area. So I said yes, and after my trip to San Francisco, I flew to Pasadena for the ACTION ON FILM FESTIVAL!

But what was it? I never got a program or any information on the films that showed. I never even knew where the films were showing. I met the director, Del Weston, only once, and he was in a hurry for some other event.

Then, at the big closing ceremonies and banquet, I arrive not knowing what they want me to do – no rehearsal, no program notes. I'm totally confused. I had to beg for drink tickets. My table fortunately is close to the stage, I got to sit at the same table as “Deer Hunter” actor John Savage. But what really got me was this festival has about 100 prizes – everyone gets 1 or 2 prizes. It had categories like “Best abstract music video”, “Best concept for a feature”.

So I sat there for 3 hours of award-giving, and finally they called my name. They showed some of my worst bits of animation. I told a story and went to my hotel, because I couldn't take anymore whacky awards.

However I must admit everyone else had a wonderful time. They loved the festival and Del Weston and were happy with their awards. Don't get me wrong, Del's a super nice guy but I just wish the festival was better organized – I still haven't gotten a program.

I do recommend this festival if you have a low budget film with lots of action and you're looking to pick up prizes. I give the festival a C.


  1. yeah.. bill this is a lame one. i've screened there several times and won one of their many awards, yet they wouldn't waive the fee for my last short.. so i didn't send it to them.. they have a lot to learn, i believe they are still fairly young though. i give them a D.