Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Festival of Drawn Animation

It was a miserable rainy cold summer day. It was also the day of our first Scribble Junkies Festival of Drawn Animation... and we were certain no one would show up.

This was a brilliant idea that Pat Smith had over Christmas break, when he was in Montawk. I loved the idea and began searching for the proper cinema. Just then, I was contacted by John Woods to put on a show at the soon-to-be-opened Nighthawk Cinema, a drinking and eat-in movie house (it's all the rage now) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Pat and I narrowed the list of our favorite drawn animated films (No computer films here), and put out the word for the auspicious event.

But you know what? We had to turn away dozens of people! Wow! We thought we'd be lucky to get 5 people in the audience. It was packed to the rafters, and everyone had a great time. We even awarded two prizes: 1st place to Colleen Cox for “Wrong Number Singapore”, and 2nd place to Fran Krause for “Nosy Bear”.

So if you think you have a great hand-drawn film, send it to Scribble Junkies for the 2nd Annual Festival of Drawn Animation – no CG films allowed.


  1. There's one very big problem with your festival. It ignores the virtual 3D forms of drawing. What about something like SANDDE?

    Would somebody go the NFB and look at the SANDDE method and analyze it to make sure that they don't have an unfair advantage? They could then either set boundaries on what qualifies as an unfair advantage or decide not to include it in the festival.

  2. v. jealous would have loved to have been there... I'll book my flight well in advance -ready for the 2nd gathering!

  3. hey GW...

    that vid you posted is cool, and it would qualify as drawn animation, UNLESS he takes that hand drawn design and moves it with the computer like a wussy.

    also.. the festival is designed to ignore certain types of animation and to concentrate on the hand drawn technique, we admit that. we have NO fascination of the "new" here, that's for the rest of the world.. we want good drawing, period.

    and btw.. that dude in the vid can't draw draw for crap;)