Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Best Damn Animators of all Time Contest

We've been getting a tremendous amount of Top 5 lists for our competition. For those of you who don't know, about a month ago Pat Smith and I put out our Top 5 Greatest Animator list and asked our faithful audience to send in their top five faves. What's really interesting is the balance of the selections.

The big studio groups pretty much equal the independents – which I think is very cool – I'm not going to name the animators that are leading in votes because I don't want to tip the scale. But some of the names of “greatest animators” have been really fascinating.

So I'm calling out one last time for everyone to vote for your favorite all-time animator list before the end of the month. We'll make our announcement of the winners in early September, deadline is August 31st.

By the way, please don't put our names on the list – kissing our asses will get you nowhere!

Please send in your vote to Scribble Junkies now!


  1. 1. Jan Svankmajer
    2. Tex Avery
    3. Norman McLaren
    4. Jim Tyer
    5. Ward Kimball

  2. 1. Yurij Norstein
    2. Caroline Leaf
    3. Jim Tyer
    4. Frank Thomas
    5. Tissa David

  3. 1. Bill Tytla
    2. Frederic Back
    3. Brad Caslor
    4. Milt Kahl
    5. Virgil Ross

  4. Since I didn't quite commit last time, here's the finalized list:

    Hayao Miyazaki
    Milt Kahl
    Richard Williams
    Yoshinori Kanada
    Frederic Back

    And oodles of honorable mentions:
    Atsuko Fukushima
    Bill Tytla
    Frank & Ollie
    Hideaki Anno
    Iso Mitsuo
    Ken Harris
    Koji Yamamura
    Masaaki Yuasa
    Michel Gagne
    Paul Grimault
    Rod Scribner
    Tatsuyuki Tanaka
    Satoru Utsunomiya
    Shinji Otsuka
    Shinya Ohira
    Winsor McCay
    Yasuo Otsuka
    Yuri Norstein

  5. Sylvain Chomet
    Aleksandr Petrov
    Katsuhiro Otomo
    Glen Keane
    Richard Williams

  6. 1. Fred Moore
    2. Don Bluth
    3. Eric Goldberg
    4. Ken Harris
    5. Milt Kahl

  7. Frank Thomas
    Ken Harris
    Glen Keane
    Richard Williams
    James Baxter