Friday, August 20, 2010

Idiots' Diary

My new animated feature, “Idiots and Angels” is being released theatrically around the country starting this October. My big worry is no one will come to the screening. I have nightmares that it will be a cricket chirping cinema like in “One Froggy Evening”. So to prevent that from happening, we're looking to you, my audience, to come up with ideas to help promote the film. As you may know, I have an extremely small (embarrassingly small) publicity budget, so I'm forced to come up with unique and imaginative ways to spread the word.

One of the ideas that came from Ron Diamond is to create a diary of my experiences in self distribution of “Idiots and Angels.” I believe it could be very instructional and helpful for other filmmakers who lack big distribution opportunities. So watch this blog for the next few months for my “Idiots' Diary”.

So tell your friends to check out my Dist Diary on AWN and on my blog, and be sure to come see “Idiots & Angels” with my newest short as an opener, “The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger”.


  1. I'm following the journal regularly and even linked to it on my blog. Hope it does well!

  2. I'll be there, and I'll bring friends/family with me!