Saturday, August 7, 2010

Glen Keane is ok..

Here's your monthly reminder why Glen Keane's animation should be dissected, studied, sent to labs, placed on alters, etc. This is what the drawn line is capable of.. get's me every time.

Below is my all time favorite Keane test.. power, weight, wish this had the audio, it's the part when Beast says "GO AHEAD AND STARVE!!! if she doesn't eat with me, she doesn't eat at all"

some great stuff in here below, narrated by Don Hahn, from the Beauty and the Beast extended DVD. Just deal with the cheesy disney doc style.


  1. I wish I knew what his secrets were. To move such complexly constructed characters with such fluidity is the stuff that many aspiring animators dream of. There are several publications that I have looked at to try to figure out how to animate like artists such as Glen but none seem to be very effective. No book can teach what he or any other top Disney artist has accomplished. It takes years of sacrifice and repeated practice.

  2. I think what I've figured is Glen has a seriously confident application of his lines, and often translates form into abstract indications to move characters through space. Confident even though heavy-handed, but it shows that he wants this portion of form HERE and moved THERE...very direct. I don't think he does subtle well, however. His work has so much animalistic energy in it that it doesn't translate into delicate as well as it could (though he did a great job with Ariel, still).

  3. "glen keene is ok" lol dont hate, hes probably the best ive seen in the business!