Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Idiots' Diary #1

A lot of you people have been following my travails with “Idiots & Angels”. First, making the film, then, then in distributing the film. In fact, I always say there are 3 major steps in the success of a film.

Step 1. Raising the Money. This is a very formidable step, simply because it takes a lot of money to finance a feature film, and even though the script may be terrific, convincing the money people to invest if very difficult. This is usually the phase where most films fail. I self finance so I'm able to get through that barrier.

Step 2. Making the Film. Even though this is also a very dangerous part of the process, it's probably the most enjoyable. This is the fun part. It took 2 years to get “Idiots & Angels” made.

Step 3. Getting the Film in Cinemas. This is by far the most difficult and defeating part of the process. Getting the film in cinemas and getting money from the buyers. Only rarely have I been fortunate enough to get proper distribution and then miraculously get the money. If you've ever gone to a festival you're aware that there are thousands of good films out there that never get distribution, simply because there aren't that many cinemas that show indie films. The trick is to find places that will show the film and then actually make out a check to you.

Relevant to Step 3, I have some good news: I've just secured cinema screenings of “Idiots & Angels” in NYC and LA: the two most difficult (and expensive) of cities to premier a feature film in. So what I've decided to do is write a diary of the whole experience of getting “Idiot's & Angels” out to the cinemas and getting people to watch the film. So please watch this blog and the AWN blog for my up-to-date installments of “Idiots' Diary” by Bill Plympton.


  1. I watch the film in sitges film festival in 2008 and i like so much ,and i listen before the great introduction...regards!

  2. I've seen it two years ago in Annecy, and loved it. As I am in NY for a week in october, I hope i can go to the Premiere!

    Anyway, You do a great job at making movies :)

    (pardon my english, it's not my mother tong)