Monday, June 1, 2020

New projects update

As I said in previous installments of "Scribble Junkies", I'm working on a lot of new projects, even though my studio is closed, I've continued to animate.  This week, I'll give you some more information on two of these projects - of course, while I'm doing these I'm also creating "Slide", my western musical feature, the film about Whoopi Goldberg's life and career, and there's a new couch gag for "The Simpsons" on the horizon.

But first up is what they call a "sizzle reel" for this wonderful 1950's mash-up band called "Big Daddy".  The sizzle reel will be used to promote the production of their proposed feature film idea, which is called "Band Out of Time".  It's a wacky musical adventure featuring aliens, Elvis, and as you might imagine, a bit of time travel.  It's a very funny script and I can't wait to get these characters on my drawing board.  If you saw my wonderful 1950's-set animated feature "Hair High" then you know how much I love drawing that classic era of Americana - the cars, the hair, the fashion... It's so much fun! 

Below is a rough layout of the proposed poster art for the film. 

The next project I'm working on is a comedy tape by the hilarious Wendy Maybury called "The Vagina Song".  So you can probably guess right away that the material is right up my alley.  I've created many music videos, but I've never animated a video for a stand-up comedy routine.  So, this is a real adventure for me, and it seems to be a perfect place for animation.  I do hope it's a success, because I'd love to do more things like this.  That's another reason why I love working on the animated feature about Whoopi, because with animation you can take these fun, crazy stories and add another level of fun craziness to them, since I can make anything happen, as long as I can draw it.

The drawing below is for "The Vagina Song", it's where Wendy makes fun of the male comics, who are always getting stoned. 

Last up is my new gag cartoon for the week - we're getting closer to re-opening NYC and my studio, but until then, I'm just going to keep on drawing!  

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