Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"Revengeance" screenings in Los Angeles!

Hey, great news for animation fans -

The NYC screenings of "Revengeance" are going well, in fact the IFC Center just held the film over for another week of late shows, so if you live near New York and you still haven't caught the film yet, it should play some more late shows August 10 to 16, so all you night owls will have another chance!

Tickets are also NOW ON SALE for the "Revengeance" screenings in Los Angeles, starting on Friday, August 10 at the Laemmle Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd St. in Santa Monica.  Show times are 1:20 pm, 3:25 pm, 5:30 pm, 7:40 pm and 9:50 pm. 

For more information and tickets, please visit:

Now here's the big news, I'm flying out to L.A. so that I can introduce the 7:40 shows over the weekend, and do a Q&A session afterwards, and maybe we can hang around and introduce the 9:50 shows also. 

I'll also have some DVDs (of my other films) to sell, maybe some door prizes and of course I'll do a quick sketch for anyone who wants one.  BUT the killer extra is that I'll be joined on stage by my co-director, Jim Lujan, he's also the writer, designer, musician and chief voice artist for the film.  On top of THAT, he's also 100 times more entertaining in person than I am.

The film got a great review from Owen Gleiberman in Variety, where he said the film is "engagingly scuzzy" and "hits its targets with fluky glee".  He also wrote that "Bill Plympton's latest hand-drawn feature is a scruffy collaboration that's like an updated Ralph Bakshi cartoon."  Since Ralph is one of my heroes, I take that as a great compliment!  

So buy your tickets now, but you'd better wear a hat because "Revengeance" is so funny your brain will explode!  And if you like "stoner" films this might be right up your alley!   Please tell all your friends, spread the word and I'll see you there!

--Bill P.

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