Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Big News - "Trump Bites" and "Revengance"

Hello, faithful readers, I've got some amazing news for you all. 

If you haven't heard, Billy Shebar and I have created an animated series about Donald Trump - it's called "Trump Bites", and it mixes my crazy animation with real audio clips from the President.  It's been trending on Twitter like crazy, and for a few days the three shorts were the most popular things on the New York Times web-site.  Even Sean Hannity showed clips of it on his program, then he called it "vile and disgusting". 

In any case, the money that the New York Times pays us is not enough for us to produce as many episodes as we want, so in order to keep the series going (we've got a few more episodes already storyboarded) we've turned to Kickstarter to raise some money.  You can check out the campaign (and the first three shorts) here:

I'm asking my friends and fans to chip in, and help spread the word (and get cool rewards) to fight back against POTUS.  These are dangerous times and we all have to stand up against this maniac!  So please join in and help me push back.

The other big news is "Revengeance", the film Jim Lujan and I finished a couple of years ago, is finally coming out in theaters.  If you live in the NYC area you can see it at the IFC Cinema on 323 Sixth Avenue (6th Ave. & 3rd St.) from August 3-9, and I will be there every night to introduce the 8 pm sho, do a Q&A and give everyone a sketch.

For more information and tickets for the NYC shows, please visit:

Then the film moves out to Los Angeles for a week's run at the Laemmle Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd St. in Santa Monica, from August 10-16, where not only will I attend shows in person, and again do a Q&A, signings and sketches, but I'll be joined by the very entertaining (and much funnier than me) Jim Lujan sharing the stage.  Wow, what a show!  Please tell all your friends to come out and say hello at both venues!

For more information and tickets for the L.A. shows, please visit:

I hope to see you all there! Later,

Bill P.

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