Friday, June 1, 2018

First look at "Slide"

You may remember that I'm about to begin animating my new feature film, "Slide".  The storyboards are now complete - though I've sent a copy to Jim Lujan so he can polish up some of the dialogue and add some of the crazy humor that he's so good at. 

But the first 5 minutes of the film are without dialogue, so I can begin that animation now - and lo and behold, I now have the first bit of animation to show the world.

You can see I'm animating in ballpoint pen and it looks very cool.  Also, the color will be added much later.  Just to set up the shot, the film starts with our hero, the mysterious musician "Slide" lost in the desert.  The clip is on Vimeo but we'll also embed it here.  Enjoy!

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