Thursday, May 31, 2018

"Pour 585" and creating the colour palette..

I've always struggled with colour (not even sure how to spell it!), in the past I've had better luck with limited palettes, staying away from anything bold, relying more on subtlety.  That changed when I started studying the street paintings of Zimer, a brilliant artist who uses a lot of deep, almost blood-like, reds on top of greys.  His subject matter is typically dramatically posed woman in graffiti-esque lettered dresses.
Still from "Pour 585" on left, Zimer street painting on right.
Ironically, the first time I saw a Zimer painting was on a wine bottle, he was commissioned a few years ago to paint a bottle for Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon, no joke.  You can get your inspiration anywhere, funny being that the characters of the film are wine glasses!

Here's the bottle of Cabernet that changed the course of my film!

Zimer mural

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