Friday, May 25, 2018

Rockin' Jelly Bean..

It shouldn't be a shock that I'm a big fan of Japanese illustrator Rockin Jelly Bean, especially if you consider my obsession with Jim Phillips, whom which you can pull tons of parallels to RJB (although Jim veers away from sexual content). I mean, it's difficult not to be drawn into his overtly sexy gals pushing out their ridiculously large, gravity affected yet defying chests! Can you find RJB's Jim Phillips nod in the drawing below? (cough- roskopp- cough)
The graphic style brings me back to when I first noticed art in general.. for me it wasn't the classics that first pulled me in, it was cool stuff like this on skateboards and stickers that first got my attention, as lame as that sounds. Enjoy, not sure why I've never posted his stuff before. Here's a great interview with him that I just stumbled upon while writing this.
He's also an interesting guy that has crafted a very mysterious public image. Outside of his possibly surreptitious name, RJB shows up at every appearance wearing a different Mexican wrestling mask, and surrounded by girls that are as smokin' as his drawings.

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  1. crazy sexy stuff! and i can appreciate the link you make to phillips. but i think you have to be a skater to know what roskopp means!