Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New York Comic Con, October 9-12

It's Comic-Con time again, and do we have some cool stuff this year!

Because of Lucas, my son, we've had to make some more room at home.  So all those bins of original animation art that have been taking up room in my apartment had to be disposed of.  But when I started throwing stuff out, my wife said that she wanted to keep some of the art because it was so cool!

Then she said, rather than toss it, I should sell it at the Comic Cons at discount prices!  I thought she was crazy, but I gave it a shot and, much to my surprise, the artwork started selling like the proverbial hotcakes. 

So, I've had my trusted interns go through all of my old art bins to pull stuff that people might like to own, and these are the drawings we will be offering at NYCC at severely discounted prices.

The other cool new attraction will be my availability to do caricatures for anyone who wants to see what they would look like in the drawing style of my animated films.  I offered this in San Diego for $20 each, and we had so much demand that it caused arguments at the booth over who was next in line.  So unfortunately I have to increase the price to a more sane value of $40 per caricature.  But you have to remember that at one point, I was one of the most successful caricature artists in the U.S., so they should be highly valued.

                                       Buy this book from us at NYCC and get a FREE gift! 

I'll also let you in on a little tip - we'll have copies of my Rizzoli book "Independently Animated" for sale at the booth for $40 and I'll usually do a caricature inside the book for anyone who buys one.  And since I charge $40 for a separate drawing, it's a great deal - just buy the $40 book and you get the drawing for free!  So it's like getting $80 worth of stuff for half-price!  

                               We'll have info on how to order your own 3-D printed "Guard Dog"!

So along with the other cool stuff - like art prints from "Cheatin'", the new "Guard Dog" 3-D sculptures, original art, posters and of course my ever-popular DVDs, we're also gonna have something we've never had before...

If you read my previous blog posting about doing a Penthouse pictorial (directing, not posing for one, thank God...) for the December issue, well, Penthouse really loved what I did, so they proposed that the beautiful and sexy Penthouse model, Julia Ann, should make an appearance at our booth!  That's right, you heard me correctly, every day at our booth #2944, we're gonna have one of the sexiest women alive right there, and she and I will be signing very collectible prints of my glorious art for Penthouse magazine. 

                                                               the lovely Julia Ann!

We're not sure of Julia Ann's hours yet, but keep track of our updates, follow me on Twitter (@plymptoons) or just come to our booth at NY Comic Con and get a very sexy piece of art signed by the hot Julia Ann and also yours truly!

See you there - at the Javits Center that is.  For more information and show hours, please visit:

--Bill Plympton

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