Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I met the great painter Robert Williams about 15 years ago, at a custom car convention in L.A. and I was very impressed that he talked to me.

And just last year, I met him again at the San Diego Comic-Con, where he was a special guest.  I told him how much I love his stuff, and his magazine, Juxtapoz.  He said it's the largest circulated art magazine in the U.S. (bigger than Art Forum or Art in America).  That's pretty cool.

He said I should put my stuff in it, and sure enough, this new October issue of Juxtapoz has an interview with Matthew Modine and me, and they show finished drawings from "Cheatin'", plus some of the storyboards.  I'm really honored to be in Juxtapoz because they show real art by real artists, not that conceptual, artsy-fartsy intellectual masturbatory crap.

No, this is art with a sense of humor, fantasy, storytelling and great draftsmanship.  That's why I love the magazine and why you should pick up a copy at your nearest newstand or art store.

Thanks for your patronage,

Bill P.

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