Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hendrix stills..

So the PBS Blank on Blank episode featuring Jimi Hendrix was pulled due to some legal stuff, the producer David Gerlach says it will be back up, but until then I thought I would share some stills from the piece before it's been completely forgotten.  Enjoy.
 Hendrix went through so many changes over the years, illustrated here.
 We used a lot of vintage gig posters in the backgrounds, matter of fact the entire palette of purples and blacks was inspired by one of these posters.
 Jimi had a great laugh, a crazy laugh.

 A lot of the imagery was based on his dialogue discussing his ability to be everything from songwriter, to guitarist to vocalist.. jimi of all trades.
 He also discussed bringing people of different types together with music.
 colorful guitar solos.. all the chords were just made up because I have no idea how to play the guitar.. I did however stay true to his left handed playing.

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