Friday, May 25, 2012

“Dark Shadows” and “The Avengers”

Two new films that really interest me just opened theatrically, and I'd like to comment on them.
I vaguely remember watching “Dark Shadows” on TV when I was in college in Oregon, but the production values and soap-opera sensibilities turned me off. Later, my friends raved about the show, so when I had the opportunity to see the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp theatrical version, I decided to give it another chance.
The art direction and visuals are wonderful, as is Johnny Depp's 18th century dialogue – but the story is very weak and too talky. But, I suppose they wanted to recreate the feel and style of the 1960's TV show. Unfortunately, TV doesn't work in the movies. The film should have been more cinematic. I give it a C+.

“The Avengers”, however, has style and action up the wazoo. I loved the film, even though I'm not a fan of any of the comic-book characters, except for Iron Man. Joss Whedon did an excellent job with the storytelling and the extravagant battles. You've got to see the scene where the Hulk battles Loki, it's priceless.
The only problem I found with the film was the stupid gobbledygook technical jargon that's totally confusing and time-wasting. They should have edited out all of that technical bullshit and let the characters get on with the story.

I give it an A-, and as you may have heard, be sure to stay until the end of the credits.

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  1. It was phenomenal, I walked up somebody gave me their extra ticket and a popcorn voucher. Which really was astonishing in some way! And Scarlet Johanson is HOT on HOT!