Friday, March 9, 2012

Shorts International Awards

As I was traveling around the Rocky Mountains I got an urgent call from my agent that I'd just won an award at the shorts International Awards Ceremonies, and they wanted me to come out there next week to receive the prize.

Hell, I'm not one to turn down a special prize, so I said yes! As soon as I returned to New York, I turned around and hopped a plane to L.A. and the famous Oscar Week.

I've been selling my short films to Shorts International for a long time, so I was happy to accommodate their wishes. They put me up at the swank Loews Hotel on the beach at Santa Monica. The pool overlooked the beach as they were setting up the tent for the Spirit Awards on Saturday night.

The chauffeur drove me to the fancy Soho house where I got to hang out with Tom Sito, Bill and Sue Kroyer, Rick and Amanda Farmiloe, Bob Balser (of Yellow Submarine fame), the great June Foray, and Bill Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg of the Oscar winning Moonbot Studios.

Receiving the award was very cool but it was the end of the evening and by then everyone was drunk and more interested in their own conversation than mine.

As we exited the party, I nearly knocked over Owen Wilson and his entourage entering the party.

I want to thank Linda O. and Carter Pilcher of Shorts International!

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