Friday, March 16, 2012


As you all know, the great Moebius (M. Jean Giraud) has died... he was one of the greatest illustrators and comic artists.

I loved his sense of color desgin and imagination. He invented a world all his own that influenced many artists and animators including yours truly. I've always heard he was working on a brand new feature film fully computer animated, yet I never saw the film released, if it ever was.

I did see two films that he worked on, the infamous "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland" (1989) out of Japan, and then of course "Heavy Metal" (1981) out of Canada, which used his designs for one of its episodes.

I never met the great French artist, but I heard he was a bit eccentric and quite private.
But I think we all know him though his brilliant artwork, and will all miss his genius.


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  2. To people who don't know him (these people are usually not artists, and if so, they are probably very young)
    a nice and accurate i heard him described was that he was "your favourite artist's favourite artist"
    To name just a few fans: Fellini, Miyazaki, Otomo, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Paulo Coelho, Stan Lee and many many more...
    So Sad that he is gone