Monday, March 19, 2012

Oscars 2012

As a member of the events committee, I was invited to the Oscar ceremonies a few weeks ago in NYC. It was a star-studded affair, Beau Bridges, Alfre Woodward, and one of my heroes, Tony Hendra.

Long ago we worked together on the National Lampoon Magazine, and more recently he worked with the great French animator Picha. His greatest claim to fame is his role in my all-time favorite film Spinal Tap. Tony plays the frustrated manager for the struggling band.

It was a wonderful night because it was also a benefit for FilmAid.
As for the awards show, I found it very entertaining. I thought Billy Crystal did a good job. A lot of the humor was great, I especially loved the test screening of "Wizard of Oz".

The animation awards went pretty much as expected -- I figured "Rango" would win the Oscar. I loved that film and it was by far the weirdest comedy of the year.

And, I'm certainly happy that "Morris Lessmore" won, not only 'cause Bill Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg are very talented and cool guys, but also because it's a great friggin' film.

I give this year's Oscars a B+.

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