Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Waiting for her Sailor"

In 1998, when the internet was awash in Wall Street cash, I did a series of very short animated gags in Flash. We sold them all over the place and made good money. Then came the internet crash, my market quickly disappeared, and I moved onto other projects like "Mutant Aliens."

Well, a few months ago I was going through a stack of old art and I discovered drawings for that project that were never colored or composited. I had my assistant Sandrine Flament color and composite the art with the help of one of our interns, Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn, and it's now a very funny short. I've shown it at a couple of my appearances and the audience went nuts.

We titled it, "Waiting for her Sailor," but now we don't know what to do with it. I've heard there's a lot of money for short films on the net, but where? If you, my dear readers, can suggest an outlet for something as short as this (30 seconds), please send them along! If I hook up with a good venue I'll send you a signed DVD of the project.

Thanks for your help!


  1. Hallo Bill,
    maybe you could try to sell the short to the webpage
    It is a company located in Valencia, Spain, which makes dvd on demand with shorts in their catalogue. The owner is always present at the MIFA in Annecy, so maybe you already know him.

  2. You might want to investigate a Plympton podcast on iTunes. You can offer some free material and have subscribers who pay for weekly or regular updates.

    The subscription fees are generally low per unit. Like 99 cents, but it's an economy of scale.