Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flip and Edit

If you saw the trailer I did for Pat Smith and my show called “The Drawn Animation Show”, then you saw the trailer I originally created for the Edit festival.

I've been going to this FX festival based in Frankfurt for a number of years, and even though I'm not exactly an FX specialist, it's always fun to attend. A few years ago I was able to have a cool dinner with Farely Granger (“Stranger on a Train”), and Tippi Hedren (“The Birds”). She was very sweet and we talked about doing a film together.

Anyway, this year the special guest was James Horner (Titanic, Avatar). I was lucky enough to chat with him about music, and he seemed like a very laid back guy who just did it for the love of the music.

Before landing in Frankfurt, I stopped off in Wolverhampton, England for the Flip Animation Film Festival. It's a small but well-attended festival, and they have some great animation programs. I love the spirit of the festival – I recommend you all send your animation to their gem of a festival. I give it a B+.

See you!

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