Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Time!

Only a month and a half 'till it's Santa time and our studio is planning a super cool animated Christmas Card. It's going to be a big project; we've never done anything on this scale before. It will be an animated extravaganza!

So here's the deal - we are offering my Plymptoons Super Fan Package for the bargain price of $150! That's right! It's almost my entire collection (valued at $210 when sold separately) for a infinitesimal price! You can give the package to your favorite lover, or break it up and give all your friends a single item. OR you can just keep them all yourself to hide away in a special place in your room.

ALSO if you buy the Super Fan Package BEFORE December 25th, we'll throw in a free DVD of our studio-animated Christmas Card, SIGNED by all the artists here including me. How much more collectable can you get than that?!

So go ahead onto the brand spankin' new Plymptoons Store (designed and programmed by Desiree Stavracos), and to everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have a cool Kwanzaa!

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