Monday, December 27, 2010

Smith Christmas so far..

my buddy amid told me that bill and I need to make this blog more personal. he would know.. his blog gets a trillion visits a day (albeit they're all geeks). ok.. here we go..

BLIZZARD! it was great.. I always sleep well during harsh montauk weather:
The studio becomes very inviting when it's cold and snowy out.. there's something about turning up the heat and working the day away!
ok.. this is weird. Montauk has a pig. he just roams around. I've heard about it before but never actually saw the dude.. well here he is on christmas day:
Prior the the blizzard, I managed to put up some cedar shingles on the studio, I was happy with how it came out, they should turn nice and silver in a few months time:
The only good thing about jet lag is that you get to watch the sunrise every morning:
Christmas party at our friend Nick Webers house.. it got weird:
The Stutterheim sisters.. victoria and sydney. this is before the mask came out:
What's on my screen? that would be "a christmas story".. you'll shoot your eye out kid:
Bud light lime and tiny plush duckies.. any questions?:
Some people surf in the winter out here.. i don't. my board warming up by the heater:
I really should replace my old windows.. but they're so damn pretty:
Sunrise. window reflection..lake is frozen:
Cheers Everyone!


  1. There's a pig around the corner from my place in Williamsburg too. He doesn't wander the streets, his humans take him for short walks twice a day.

  2. Pigs are great. And lookit you putting up shingles all maintenance-like. Didn't I read you built that whole studio yourself? I'm all proud over here I tiled my utility room, and you've got a whole mini-studio.

    Also, those windows are awesome, but they're probably doing a number to your insulation, eh?

  3. I liked so much the snow pictures, I love winter and christmas, I always take pictures when it is snowing and it is a very magical and merry time