Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Town

Now that the awards season is starting, as an Academy member, I get preview screenings of all the award-worthy films.

It's an interesting cycle. January to February they play all the films that need the members' votes to win the Oscar, because they are nominated.

After the Oscar event, the winning films play themselves to death, trying to squeeze as much box office as possible before the summer blockbusters open and it's closed season on films with smart content.

Then from September to early October is kind of a grace period in between the big Hollywood extravaganzas and the award season prestige pictures. This is the area that I decided to release “Idiots and Angels”-- it's the easiest time to get screen space.

In any case, in order to get a jump on the awards rush screening, Ben Affleck's “The Town” is being released at the end of September to get an early start on the other quality films.

And what a wonderful film it is! Directed by and starring Mr. Affleck and Rebecca Hall, and supported by “The Hurt Locker”'s Jeremy Renner.

The film is a wonderful slice of Charlestown-- north of Boston. The accents, the bruising hockey culture, and the preponderance of bank robberies makes this film a real treat to watch.

On my scale of enjoyable films, I give it an 8 out of 10. Check it out, you'll love it!

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  1. A great film. Affleck is better behind the camera that in front of it, at least for me.
    Greetings from Spain.