Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Assholes Are Everywhere

My trusted advisor and distributor Allen Chou of Passion River Distribution has been helping me get the word out about the “Idiots and Angels” release.

One clever way he mentioned to spread the word is through a viral video on YouTube. I thought that was a wonderful idea! Besides, it's my job to make funny short films-- it's a natural!

I remembered when I visited Pat Smith's lovely Montauk house-- as we parted into the night, we'd amuse ourselves watching ridiculous YouTube videos on his computer. As we drank more and pulled up weirder virals, it occurred to me that this was free advertising! Voila! How to reach a much larger audience with no investment.

So last week I dreamt up an idea for a funny gag that hopefully will go viral. I took the sequence of “Idiots and Angels” where Angel moons the passengers of an airliner. Then Lindsay Woods, my trusted computer artist, added a few more moons and now we have what we think is a very funny outrageous viral video – at least I hope so – if you think so, check it out:

And please let us know what you think, and if you like it pass it on to your friends. Thanks so much!


  1. ha ha ha that is a great viral ad! The moons in the windows of the plane make it for me. I saw your film a few years ago here in SF and loved it. I am rooting for you Bill. I have told a lot of my friends in the industry to go and see it as well.

  2. I'm not sure that's the right type of music for a viral video. Maybe the music in the beginning and the end would fix better, the one with whistling and accordion. The music you chose here is sad, it made me think of the final scene of the Dreamlife of Angels when the blonde girl suicides.

    Actually I don't remember any happy or light music in the film, that's probably a reason why the film feels so slow and diluted. I was a bit disappointed with the film I felt it could have been a short while keeping the same content.

    Good luck with the Oscar nomination but in my opinion it doesn't deserve an oscar as much as your previous shorts. I hope I'm not too harsh.

  3. ah yes! the early days of double rainbow and "hide your kids hide your wife!!".. quality time.

  4. I like it, and the music it's all right. And you didn't do it last week! I saw it before on your You-Tube account! In fact the video says "October 6th". I don't understand.