Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hans Bellmer..

Those turn of the century German artists were just insane. It's not a surprise to anyone familiar with my work that Hans Bellmer would be an inspiration. His twisted drawings are something I could only wish to create... I especially love the way he renders hands (a personal obsession of mine). His work is also very often wonderfully perverted! I have to confess that I've just recently discovered this guy via a coffee table book at a friends house. Later I discovered that friend wrote her dissertation on him at Columbia.. so thanks Syd!Rad fact: Bellmer's work was declared "degenerate" by the Nazi Party, and he was forced to flee Germany to France in 1938.


  1. that is genius stuff, does make me feel pretty wuss in an art way

  2. You're into Hans B.?? Wow-Very Cool!! Bought the "Behind Closed Doors" book a few months ago...

  3. He seems to have influenced Mamoru Oshii in a very profound we. Look at the character designs in "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence." And and copy of "The Doll" turns up in one of the scenes.