Friday, March 11, 2022

Signe Baumane & Bill Plympton screening on March 23 and a new "Slide" clip!

I'm now going crazy, trying to finish the "Slide" pencil test - all of the artwork is done, and it looks great - but the art now has to be scanned, cleaned, composited and edited - but here's a new set of shots that we've been working on!

I also want to remind you all about the "Secrets of Indie Animators Revealed" Extravaganza at the SVA Theatre on March 23 at 6 pm.  It's a FREE SHOW, so come one, come all.  Remember that the theater is located at 333 WEST 23rd St. (do NOT go to East 23rd St., where the main SVA campus building is, you'll miss the show that way).  Also, remember to check with the SVA Theatre's web-site for the latest COVID protocols - we haven't heard yet that anything has changed, so you still have to be double-vaxxed - and you need the booster shot if it's been a few months since your second shot.  Also, you'll have to keep your mask on indoors, but that's a small price to pay, right?  Again, it's a FREE SHOW.

We'll be showing clips from "Slide" and from Signe Baumane's second feature, "My Love Affair With Marriage".  And we'll be discussing our different processes of making independent animation these days!  It's a rare look "behind the curtain" with two independent animators!  Plus I'll meet people after the show and give out free sketches at the merch table, until they kick me out! 

Now here's a new cartoon gag for you, also - see you on March 23!

--Bill P.

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