Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Save the Date - special screening on March 23

I've got some exciting news for animation fans.  The School of Visual Arts (my alma mater) has invited both Signe Baumane and me to do a 2-hour show at their terrific SVA Theatre on 23rd Street, showcasing our new feature films and talking about the entire process of creating and selling an independent animated feature. 

Signe, who just finished her second feature film "My Love Affair With Marriage", will show excerpts from that and talk about the whole experience - and I will show clips from my upcoming feature, "Slide", a comic Western, and talk about how I survive as an indie filmmaker. 

Then, in between our talks, we'll discuss the difference in our methods.  We've done this before and believe me, it's not very polite.  We take the gloves off and get down to the real nitty-gritty of the animated feature culture and industry.

The event will be moderated by the Chair of the SVA Computer Arts Department, Terrence Masson - and then we'll open the stage up for a lively Q&A session with the audience. 

But that's not all - everyone who comes will get a free sketch from me, after the performance and we can hang around and chat.  

The whole event takes place on March 23, from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.  I know this is still a long ways off, so I'll be doing periodic updates and reminders as it gets closer.  Please tell ALL your friends, it should be a blast!  

Now, here's my cartoon for the week - 

Bill P.

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