Friday, January 29, 2021

Update on "SLIDE" Production

I've been working on "Slide" since 2017 and it's been a slow process, for a number of reasons.  One is that I'm financing the film myself (with help from my fans through Kickstarter) and whenever I'm just about to go broke, I make a music video or take on some other job to pay my bills.  But also, I'm really putting my blood, sweat and heart into this film.  I believe this feature will be my epic.  I'm drawing everything that appears on the screen - the characters, the backgrounds, the vehicles, animals and even the special effects. 

So, it takes me much longer to create these scenes than with any of my other films.  Plus, as you'll see, I'm using a different technique than I usually do.  It's a style I used a lot when I was an illustrator - lots of cross-hatching and ballpoint pen.  But I think it looks gorgeous.  It has a feeling of impressionism - the art is kind of blurry and soft-edged. 

So I had my staff, John and Rachel, choose some of their favorite drawings from the production so far.  Just remember that when the film is finished, all this magnificent art will be up for sale.  I hope you like the art - see you next time!

--Bill P.

The Lucky Buck Saloon (exterior)

The Lucky Buck Saloon (interior)

Izzy and Jeb in their office

Delilah being forced to sing

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