Wednesday, January 6, 2021

January Update and Animated Shorts

Well, we finally made it into 2021, relatively safe.  And I'm extremely happy that my Kickstarter campaign was successful.  "Happy Happy Joy Joy!"  Thanks to all of you who helped with your support and who helped spread the word, I'm able to continue working in my studio, and I'll try to finish "Slide" animation this year. 

Right now I'm drawing my ass off (figuratively), doing about 15 seconds of animation per day.  I would love to finish the animation by this spring, that's my goal.

Also, at the same time, I'm watching all of the animated shorts that have qualified for the Oscars in 2020 - all 96 of them.  And some of them are over 20 minutes long - please, animators, try to make shorter films!  20 minutes is just too long for a short film - it's hard for me to vote for such a film. 

Also, I'm watching animated feature films - the latest was "Soul", directed by Pete Docter of PIXAR.  Now, you all know how I love PIXAR films, John Lassiter and his crew really revolutionized the movie business.  They made animation the leader in box office income.  

However, I must say I had some problems with "Soul", it's about a guy who loses his soul, and the problem for me was that there were too many ectoplasmic characters that had different roles and rules. And these rules never made much sense to me.  All these strange characters from an alternative mindscape never connected with me.  I didn't understand them and didn't really care about them.  What was that pirate all about?  

It's too bad, because I found the normal real-life characters totally engaging and beautifully rendered.  From a purely visual standpoint, "Soul" is a delight, but as an engaging story, it failed - which is rare, because PIXAR is usually very strong in the story department.  

Well, here's my first gag cartoon of the new year. 



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